Sigrid Norris

Sigrid Norris

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Sigrid Norris is the founder of multimodal (inter)action analysis.

With a strong foundation in socio-cultural psychology and socio- and applied linguistics, multimodal (inter)action analysts view the person as always connected to others and the environment.

Multimodal (inter)action analysis is a qualitative research framework for the social sciences that allows to gain insight into human action, interaction and identity in a holistic manner.

This framework allows for the analysis of any kind of social interaction data (such as videos, interviews, social media posts, etc.), allows for the analysis of small as well as large data sets, and champions replicability, insuring reliability of findings.

Multimodal (inter)action analysis:

  • consists of a method for systematic data collection and analysis
  • is theorized throughout
  • offers a multitude of tested methodological/analytical tools
  • includes a transcription system for video analysis