Multimodal Research 2019 - International Conference

Auckland University of Technology

New Zealand

Tuesday 10 December 2019

9:30 AM

AUT City Campus, WG126


Personal Identity: A Multimodal Perspective

Scollon (1997) noted that every action is identity telling. Taking this notion as my foundation, this presentation addresses the questions:

Who are you?


How do others know?

Taking a multimodal (inter)action analytical point of view, this plenary unpacks the complexity of everyday personal identity production. Delving into theoretical notions such as social-time-place, identity elements, scales of actions, or the site of engagement, the presentation shows how we can analyse our own and others’ everyday personal identity production. Using the theoretical concepts as my analytical tools, I demonstrate how concrete micro-level actions are linked to meso-level practices and macro-level societal discourses, all of which lead us to more or less agentively and more or less non-agentively produce our personal identity.



AUT Multimodal Research Centre

Sunday 08 December 2019 14:00 - 17:00

AUT City Campus


In this hands-on workshop, you first learn to work with the various types of mediated actions by examining a variety of YouTube clips. Then, you will work with your chosen YouTube clip and learn to delineate one higher-level mediated action from another. Next, working with a particular YouTube video and following Norris (2019), you will learn how to produce a higher-level action table, how to bundle these higher-level actions, and how to choose a data piece for micro analysis. By working hands-on with data and discussing our work, we will uncover theoretical underpinnings of multimodal (inter)action analysis and see where these theoretical notions lead us. In the last part of the workshop you will be walked through transcription and deep analysis of one small data piece that we all have been working with.



Lecture Series 2018

Auckland University of Technology

New Zealand

4:30pm 2 October, 2018